Massage and
body care

To relax and soothe mind & body

Body wrap

Our rituals provide nourished, supple and healthy skin, as well as a feeling of intense relaxation. Our attentive service and top-quality products will provide you a sense of overall comfort and well-being.


Our nourishing and hydrating two-salt scrub (level 2) contributes to cell regeneration and restores radiance to the skin. Choose our flower petal crystal scrub (level 2) for its wonderful smell and relaxing effect. For a more in-depth treatment, our hibiscus petal scrub (level 4) is a remarkable antioxidant that stimulates blood circulation and prevents signs of aging.


This gentle technique includes both massage and gentle pressure point application to the feet. These points correspond to organic functions. Hence, the process soothes and restores certain health conditions and promotes relaxation.